Australia’s leading specialist provider of Therapeutic training

IKON is a quality training organisation providing hands-on grounding in the therapeutic practice of caring for the psyche. IKON Institute aims to give graduates the skills and knowledge to move forward with satisfying careers as therapists.

Courses are open to anyone who is committed to their own potential and growth and has a strong interest in working with people in a supportive, creative and inclusive therapeutic manner. Students at IKON come from all walks of life but have in common a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their work and to live differently themselves.
Working on yourself before learning to counsel people is very important and this is where the course stands out from others.
The Art (Therapy) has given me a way for expression, insight, self reflection and transformation which previously eluded me.
What I’ll miss nearly as much is being inspired and spell bound in the presence of great lecturers and teachers.
After every class I wondered to myself how did I live without knowing that and how will I live now knowing it?
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