Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy

Course Description

Qualification:     Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy (CRS1400329)
Duration:              3 years full time.
Study Modes:      On Campus.

Next Intake 2018

Updated 2018 Course Structure

This qualification is FEE-HELP approved for eligible applicants.

Course Overview
The Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy is designed to provide graduates with a broad and coherent body of knowledge relating to the field of psychotherapy, with a specific emphasis to embed a conceptual framework, and model of psychotherapeutic practice for the ‘whole person’.

This degree provides you with the practical skills and theoretical foundation you need to integrate Psychotherapy into your existing vocation or to establish a new career as a private practitioner. This unique course is inclusive of traditional healing methods and incorporates, in a live fashion, cutting edge science.  You will learn to assist your clients in moving forward in a healing and holistic sense.

Through your personal experiential learning and personal development you will learn the skills to personally engage with each and every client. You will learn various approaches and techniques and most importantly learn to adapt and utilise your knowledge and approach to the needs of your client with a unique and specialised Mind, Body and Spirit approach.

At IKON, we place a huge emphasis on Psychotherapy (understanding one’s self) as well as giving you the skills to be both an excellent theoretical practitioner and a wonderful human. We recognise that with just the theoretical knowledge alone, you are likely to have a limited capacity to make a great counsellor.


Course Structure
There are a total of 24 Units plus a 240-hour placement.


Delivery Format
Course delivery will be through a combination of facilitated classroom training, out of class self directed learning and on-the-job placement.
Each trimester is 13 weeks in duration, consisting of 12 teaching weeks and 1 week of self directed learning.


Delivery format Melbourne
Students will attend 1 full day and 1 half day per week during each teaching week.


Delivery format Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane
Students will attend 1 half day per week each fortnight (odd weeks) and 2 and a half days per week on the alternative fortnight (even weeks).

There are 3 subjects per trimester, with 3 trimesters in years 1 & 2, and 2 trimesters in year 3 allowing for completion of assessments and clinical placement in year 3.

  • Year 1, 3 trimesters of 13 weeks each
  • Year 2, 3 trimesters of 13 weeks each
  • Year 3, 2 trimesters of 13 weeks each plus completion of assessments and clinical placement

Course sequencing and structure.


Students are eligible to apply for Association membership with PACFA and the ACA.


Graduate Pathways
The Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy will cater for:

  • Students with no prior learning in Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • Students who have completed an accredited Counselling Diploma or Advanced Diploma and wish to further expand their knowledge.

The course aims to develop graduates who will be able to work appropriately and professionally in therapeutic settings in both the public and private sectors.

Graduates from this program will be well placed for employment opportunities in Australia and other Western societies because of their comprehensive skill and knowledge set underlying their flexible and encompassing practice.

Entry Requirements. 

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Course Curriculum

  • Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy