Welcome to the IKON Institute of Australia


Dr. Raphael Locke first established the ‘Ikon Institute of Healing Arts’ in 1988. It was a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), started primarily as an institute to study and educate practitioners in the transpersonal worlds through a therapeutic framework. In the main, the inspiration for the original courses came from Dr. Locke’s extensive experience gained through research, training and practice in anthropology, psychoanalysis, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, holistic and nutritional medicine, behavioural medicine as well as parapsychology and neuroscience.

In 2005 the South Australian branch was established. In 2008, the business was bought by Brad Seaman and Simon Paul the current directors and owners and the branch became the IKON Institute of South Australia, an RTO in it’s own right. In 2010 the institute expanded to QLD and WA, becoming the IKON Institute of Australia. The head office is now located in Adelaide, with training centres in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Tasmania.

IKON is a unique organisation culturally with a long and strong focus on the cultivation of professionals that support mental health and wellbeing of Australians. IKON is both a Vocational Education and a Higher Education Institution of which there are only around 25 such institutions in Australia. We are also unique in being an organisation that delivers both national training package qualifications whilst having extensive experience in the development and accreditation of unique, specialised qualifications.

IKON’s educational philosophy is grounded in functional and evidence-based humanism, whilst validating and utilising the wisdom and experience of global intellectual and spiritual traditions.  We value both standing wisdom and embrace emerging technologies and techniques.

IKON Institute aims to create a difference through learning, and for its’ graduates to continually develop their own potential. Students’ development of skills, knowledge and therapeutic practice will contribute to the creation of an international community of people and practitioners committed to social change, community building and individual healing.

To our IKON Students, we wish you all the very best with your learning journey and applaud you for being someone who is committed to helping others.


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