To be Australia’s leading provider of therapeutic and human services training.

Through being Australia’s leading provider of therapeutic and human services training, IKON is creating social change, building strong communities and facilitating individual healing and growth throughout Australia.

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IKON is an institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in humanistic studies through vocational and higher education, leadership and practice. IKON’s educational philosophy is a grounded, functional and evidence-based humanism based on free intellectual enquiry. IKON Institute aims to produce graduates who are enabled to continually develop their own potential, and whose skills, knowledge and therapeutic client-centred practice contribute to the creation of an international community of people and practitioners committed to social change, community building and individual healing.

In order to fulfill its Vision and Mission, IKON will provide unique qualifications in the human services fields of: Art Therapy, Counselling, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Youth Work, Mental Health, Disability and Professional Development.

For more information, download IKON’s Strategic Plan Overview.