Throughout your studies, we strongly recommend that you participate in therapy sessions of your own.

The benefits of this include;

  • Familiarising yourself with therapeutic approaches.
  • Learning new behaviors and/or responses which can help you to achieve your goals (those which can support the kind of life you would like to have).
  • Understanding your own thoughts, feelings and responses better (including those developed from the course material.)
  • Developing skills and understanding for improving relationships.
  • Working towards greater self understanding and fulfillment.


Student Counsellor – Bookings

IKON believes strongly in supporting students in all aspects of study life and is pleased to offer a subsidised student counselling service for students studying a VET FEE-HELP eligible course in Counselling.

Eligible students are able to book one counselling session per module. Students who commenced studies with IKON earlier than 2015 are only eligible if they have submitted an opt-in form.  All eligible students have been notified via email, please check with your ESO or state coordinator BEFORE booking a session if you are not sure whether you are eligible.


A $10 administration fee will be charged for each booking. Please note that the fee cannot be refunded but the student is able to change or cancel the session up to 24 hrs before the session takes place.

To cancel or change an appointment 
please click on the link provided in your booking confirmation email.


How To Book:               Click here to book a therapy session in your state.

Session Duration:       60 minutes

Cost:                                  $10 Non-refundable administration fee.

The Bookeo system is only available to support the payment of counselling sessions and not tuition fees.  For all enquiries relating to tuition payment, please contact the office.


Sessions via Skype
Distance students may be able to book a session via Skype, but will need to contact the counsellor of their choice PRIOR to making a booking to ensure that this option is offered.

Counsellor Contact Info:

South Australia
Alison Ballard, Art Therapist/Counsellor:
Suzanne Pfitzner, Counsellor:

Josephine Calman, Art Therapist:
Krishna Dodds, Transpersonal Counsellor:

Western Australia
Julia Singh, Art Therapist:

New South Wales

Lucy Arnott:

Evie Collins:
Lana Mitchell:

Jenny Kyng, Art Therapist: