All IKON Assignments and Assignment Extension requests must be submitted electronically.

Submitting your assignment

Before you click on the Assignment submission link please be sure to check the following:
  1. You have saved your document with your name, your group and module number as a Word document.  e.g. marysharpSATAT9Mod5.doc  e.g davidsmithWATPC4Mod3.doc
  2.  Reduce the size of images within your document by compressing the image.
  3.  The file size MUST be 5MB or less.  Files larger than this will NOT be accepted by the system and your electronic submission will fail.
  4.  Keep a copy of your assignment on your computer, external hard drive or USB.


After you have clicked on the Assignment submission link.
  1. Follow the steps answering all of the required fields.
  2.  If you have answered all fields and attached your file as detailed above then click “Submit”.
  3.  If you have done everything correctly you will receive an email notification that your assignment has been submitted.  The marker will receive your assignment and mark it and return directly to you.


Assignment Submissions

Assignment Extension Requests



If you have any difficulties please contact the Education Support Officer: