We recommend that you decide on where you would like to live, based on the campus you choose to study at.
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Temporary Accommodation
If you have not arranged long-term accommodation in Australia, it is essential to book temporary accommodation before your arrival. Please make your own temporary accommodation arrangements and bookings, as IKON does not run a temporary accommodation booking service. You can search for temporary accommodation through:


How much will it cost?
The cost of temporary accommodation varies considerably. If you are happy to stay in a backpacker hostel, you might pay between $26 and $35 per night for a bed in a shared dormitory. It might cost between $90 and $200 per night to stay in an apartment. This charge may be for one or two persons, and the surcharge for a third person might be small. Most apartments have minimum stays of at least three nights and some offer discounts for stays of seven or more nights. Students starting their studies in Semester 1 will be arriving during the ‘high season’, so please be aware that many accommodation providers will be charging premium rates for their rooms.


When should I book?
We recommend that you book your temporary accommodation at least two weeks before you travel to Australia.


For how long should I book accommodation?
We recommend that you initially book your temporary accommodation for at least a week.


Long-term accommodation?
We recommend that you do not sign any agreement before you come to Australia and have seen the property for yourself.