Bee Tin Teoh
Training Staff
Art Therapy Trainer
Brisbane, Queensland

BA (Literature & Psychology), Grad Dip in Education, MS (Career & Counselling), Master of Art Therapy, Certification in sandplay, psychodrama, movement and art. 

Bee is a universal soul, she travels from the east to the west.  She appreciates the subtlety in the oriental culture and traditions, at the same she sees the boldness and courage in the western society and hopes to bring the depth and wholesome of the eastern philosophy to the uniqueness of the western society.

When she started to “paint” something on the white paper, she realised that it was a journey of creation ~ “something out of nothing”.  This realisation kept her on her journey until she found her passion in Art Therapy where she is able to uphold her creative activities at the same time reaching out to those people who need a hand.

She is passionate in sharing her knowledge and skills in art therapy.  At the same, she sincerely hopes that everyone can have a peaceful life with happiness and just a pinch of bitterness to add the spice into life.