Daniel Rainer Rothschild
Training Staff
Transpersonal Counselling Trainer

Bachelor of Music (Composition), Bachelor of Arts (Honours Anthropology), Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, PhD Social Theory (Current)

Dan has been teaching with IKON now for 4 years. His passion has always been for theory and the way theoretical knowledge can be utilised to create practical transformation in one’s thinking and one’s living. Dan is currently completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne, writing about how singing enacts a transformation of one’s being-in-the-world. This work is a culmination of all his previous degrees in Music, Anthropology, and Psychotherapy, and the central tenets of his thesis also draw significantly from experiences awakened in his own personal therapy.

Dan is a strong advocate of the positive benefits of personal therapy and believes therapy to be an essential aspect of his love of learning more generally. In his teaching, Dan hopes to impart the value of learning by demonstrating that the knowledge laid out in ostensibly abstract philosophies only really comes alive when applied to one’s own life, and concomitantly, that life can be significantly enhanced through engaging in this applied way with philosophy.