Dr Tra-ill Dowie
Training Staff
Counselling Trainer
Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Tra-ill Dowie has been involved with counselling and psychotherapy for the last 17 years. Dr Dowie is currently completing his PhD in Psychiatry and holds a PhD in social theory. Dr Dowie holds qualifications in psychology, philosophy, sociology, history of ideas and Jungian psychology. Dr Dowie also holds masters degrees in counselling and psychotherapy as well as mind and society. He has extensive knowledge of European philosophy and psychotherapy, including existential and phenomenological systems.

As well as this Dr Dowie holds qualifications in transpersonal counselling and art therapy. Dr Dowie has a particular interest in integrative practice and the treatment of trauma. Tra-ill also has extensive teaching experience in counselling and psychotherapy. Dr Dowie has taught at a range of institutions, he was the former head of the school of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy at Phoenix institute and was a progenitor of IKON Institute of Australia.