Jenny Kyng
Student Counsellors
Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney); Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing).
Jenny has over 30 years experience helping others. Working as a Registered Nurse, within psychiatric, drug and alcohol and eating disorder facilities, as a qualified Counsellor working in agencies, hospitals and private practice and also working as a group therapist.
Jenny’s down to earth approach is based on understanding the client and letting them tell their story. She brings life experience as well as high-level training to her role as a Student Counsellor. 

To IKON Students – My approach is warm, encouraging and respectful. I value listening (something which has sadly become all too rare in our society!), exploring emotions and helping you build on your strengths. I believe it is through being heard, understood and accepted that people recover from the painful experiences that life throws at us all. My goal is to assist you in understanding and accepting yourself and in finding a place of greater calm and strength within yourself. In counselling students of therapy courses, an additional goal is to facilitate your developing insight into your own fallibilitites (we all have them!), blind spots and triggers as these must be borne in mind when you yourself graduate and start working with clients. Additionally, helping you experience and cope with the vulnerability we can all feel as clients will provide you with a real life understanding of what your clients may one day go through.