Lucy Arnott
Student Counsellors
Student Counsellor

Double degree in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy, College of Complimentary Medicine- The Phoenix Institute.


Since childhood, being fascinated by people and the way they tick, Lucy has travelled extensively including across Australia, Asia and South America, naturally studying human ways through being exposed to different cultures, religions and their philosophies. She has spent time deep in the Colombian & Peruvian Amazon jungle with Shipibo Sharman learning about the soul, the mind and how important ceremony and rights of passage are in our on going transformation as human beings. Learning about country and the land with Indigenous Australian’s in the Northern Territory and Southern NSW are some of her most treasured and on going learning’s that she holds very close to her heart.

Lucy is also passionate about Child development, working with the Starlight Foundation in Hospitals in Sydney and Perth, facilitating creative program for teenagers. She volunteers bi-annually with mentoring program NASCA, supporting Aboriginal kids in remote communities in the NT, working to promote education, goal orientation and health, well-being and fun. She has worked extensively with Elderly as a community carer, group work with Carers, Women in the Correctional Rehabilitation Centers, Children with Disabilities, Woman’s empowerment workshops and individuals in one setting.

As a graduate of the College of Complimentary Medicine- The Phoenix Institute with a double in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy, Lucy likes to integrate counselling, art expression, meditative processes and psychodrama to explore and work with clients in a non invasive, person centred way. Her passion is supporting individuals to live a life they feel empowered about and in choice and joy. Focusing on clearing and anything unwanted mentally, psychically and spiritually that might be blocking potential. Lucy is also strongly aligned and with the belief the psycho-somatic relationships we have with our bodies and after completing her Master level in Reiki and Shamanic breath work studies. she has since developed an holistic approach to Energy Healing. Including hands on Healing, sound/singing and the use of crystals, shells and Australian Bush Flower Essences to bring out balance.

She also loves laughing, singing, surfing, painting, creating and lots of sunshine.