Sharna Pearce
Training Staff
Kinesiology Trainer
Adelaide, South Australia

Holistic Kinesiologist, teacher and yogi.

Sharna Pearce is a qualified and experienced Kinesiology practitioner with a background in university and business administration. She brings an informed, grounded and enthusiastic approach to her teaching and in her wellness practice.  Sharna believes mindfulness, authenticity and self belief are the foundation stones of a happy and meaningful life. Kinesiology is broad and powerful tool for pulling together all aspects of an individual’s life to enable the body to heal itself.

The self-responsibility model that underpins this modality provides for profound and lasting change in people.  Sharna believes that the influence of kinesiology in leading transformation for students and clients alike can be very powerful and through her practice and teaching aims to support and empower as many people as she can.  Sharna passionately pursues healthy living in body, mind and soul.