Tara Lekakis
Training Staff

Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Training & Assessment Cert IV, Bachelor of Holistic Counselling, Master of Social Work (current)

Tara Lekakis is a qualified Art Therapist and Holistic Counselor. Tara has experience working with diverse populations, from children to adults experiencing mental illness. Tara currently works as an Art Therapist, Counsellor and Program Facilitator in a private psychiatric setting, where she facilitates Art Therapy and psycho educational groups for the general psychiatric ward, including, The Addictive Behaviours Program, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Program and the Eating Disorders Unit. Tara runs a successful out patient Art Therapy day program from the clinic also. Tara has developed a keen interest in the field of relationship and identity formation, she has undertaken research on the therapeutic and philosophical notions of relationship and autonomy. Tara’s current post graduate studies in the field of social work further encourage her interests in social theory and its application and implication in traditional psychotherapy.