Vivian Paans
Training Staff

As a self-taught mixed media artist Vivian loves working with a large variety of media, ranging from cardboard and paint, to wood, metal, inks, chalks and paper. Throughout the years she has worked on many projects and collaborations and has taught a large number of workshops, both in Australia and Europe. Within her own work self-discovery and self-expression have always been a central theme and she encourages others to find ways to explore feelings and thoughts through the use of various art mediums.

Vivian works from her private practice in the Perth Hills and is also the co-director of The Metaphor Studio, a Transpersonal Art Therapy based partnership, which focuses on discovering the further depth to using art media. She feels passionate about empowering people to recover their own tools for healing and assists clients in filling up their toolboxes with skills and possible ways of coping.