Business Skills for Building Private Practice

As most therapists in private practice know, developing an entrepreneurial mindset requires a completely different set of skills than those needed to be an effective therapist. To have your own flourishing private practice, it is necessary to learn how to work on the business, as well as in the business.
In this one hour Webinar you will develop the confidence required to navigate the following key areas:

Learn how to establish a sound business mindset through three main stages of business development.

Develop marketing strategies to attract and retain more clients in your practice through clarifying your message, developing a professional image & establishing your niche offering.
Learn proven techniques to cultivate referral networks from diverse sources.

Develop the skills to make your practice more tech savvy: online calendar bookings, smartphone payments and website optimisation.

Understand how to navigate financial, legal and logistical issues.

Learn how to stay highly motivated over the long term by avoiding 7 common pitfalls of therapists in private practice.

Facilitated by: Be Pannell
Be works as a counsellor in private practice in Melbourne and has been teaching counselling for the last 12 years. Her prior background was in the corporate sector. She has also completed a PhD in Education on learning to think with greater levels of complexity around research, education and psychotherapy. 

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