Child Safe Environments Training

Are you looking to complete placement or work with young people in the community services field?

If so employers will more than likely require you to complete a Child Safe Environments course in order to take up work related opportunities with them. This course is for those working with young people under 18 through Families SA and in the community but is the not specific course for people preparing to work in schools. Some non youth specific community services, may also require you to complete this course as a part of their organisational commitment to the promotion of a Child Safe Environment.


Unfortunately Child abuse happens every day in our community and the effects of child abuse can be deep and long lasting. The Children’s Protection Act (1993) requires that organisations working with children provide a child-safe environment. The Children’s Protection Act 1993 also requires certain individuals to legally report suspicion of child abuse and/or neglect. This is called mandated notification. This training is designed to assist you to fully understand your role as a mandated notifier and remind us all that the protection of children requires a holistic approach and is a whole-of-community responsibility.


Please note: To be employed in the department’s schools and services you must have attended a full day, Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN-EC) training session. You can find links to providers of this course at

If you have any questions related to which course is best for you please contact IKON.