Discover Trauma and Attachment

This short workshop will give you exposure to the key principles of child and adolescent development and an understanding of the principles of attachment theory and the potential impact on young people as they move through their lives. Additionally you will learn about the key ideas of trauma and trauma informed care and how to best support young people through difficult times. As a Youth and Community Services you will find yourself working with a wide range of children and young people each with their own unique life stories. This will include children from wide and varying backgrounds and you may work with children and young people who have or may be experiencing harm/abuse. It is therefore essential that you have an understanding of child development, attachment theory, the factors that impact on child development, the signs and symptoms of abuse and how these vary according to age and development and how to support young people who have experience trauma. You will leave this workshop with a brief overview of these key concepts and some important tips for developing working strategies to support young people and their families

Times and Dates:

Date: Tuesday 10th of October
Time: 10:00am – 12pm

Date: Friday 13th October
Time: 10am-12pm

Date: Wednesday 20th September
Time: 6pm-7pm



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