Short Course: Development, Trauma & Attachment

In order to fully understand what shapes the lives, personalities, thoughts, feelings, actions and choices of the young people we work with, an understanding of development theory is useful and important. If we can understand the influences on human development, we can potentially better understand our client’s perspectives and utilise this information to influence our interactions and care planning. You will understand what constitutes development and we will consider a number of influences including; biology, socio cultural, environmental, psychology, neurobiology, physical and life span perspectives.

In addition to understanding the basic forces of human development, we will further examine the impact and influence of trauma on the young people we will work with. Many of the young people we work with will come to us having experienced a broad range of traumas that have impacted them on a biological, social and psychological level. We refer to this framework for understanding as bio psychosocial and references interrelated influences on development.

Your learning commitment:  
2 in class days and 2 online sessions.

Tuition Fees: $900  |  Vet Student Loans approved for students enrolled into the full qualification of Diploma of Youth Work / Youth Justice (SA)

You will receive a certificate of attainment for the following units of competency;

  • CHCDEV001 – Confirm client developmental status
  • CHCPRT010 – Work with children and young people with complex trauma and attachment issues and needs


Additional Information

Upon successful completion, students will receive a statement of attainment and full credit for the completed units of competency, should they wish to continue to continue with the full qualification; Dual Diploma of Youth Work / Youth Justice.

Please contact the School of Community Services at the IKON Institute of Australia for further information about these opportunities and / or to enroll.




*Eligibility applies