First there were telegrams, then newspapers, then magazines, and now blogs. Blogs are a great way to stay current and informed about trends, resources, and techniques. A well written blog provides a glimpse into someone else’s world and helps us to feel less alone. Blogs are less formal than other news sources, feeling more like conversations with a friend or advisor.


Counselling and mental health blogs serve a wide variety of purposes; from providing information and resources to other therapists, to education, to connecting with potential clients. You can gain a lot by reading about the experiences of other therapists, and by tapping into the resources they share. There are literally millions of blogs available online today, and figuring out where to start and what to read can be challenging. At IKON, we have found the following blogs represent a range of topics that are of interest to our community:


Australia Counselling Blog is a resource for counsellors looking to improve their clinical and marketing skills. It addresses many topics that other counselling blogs don’t, from tips on public speaking, to growing your private practice, to online marketing. Also available on this site are dozens of podcasts and webinars to help therapists with both the business and therapy sides of their practice.


Catherine Auman, LMFT (

Catherine Auman is a transpersonal therapist, author, and public speaker from California. Her blog provides information and stories about mindfulness and personal growth. Designed for the layperson, her essays are easy to read, informative, and insightful. Catherine is also the author of the book “Shortcuts to Mindfulness.”


Art Therapy Blog ( Art Therapy Blog contains a plethora of articles, resources, and career information. You could spend days looking through the information available on this blog. Activity ideas, articles, and job postings are all available. Although primarily focused on the United States, this blog includes contributions from around the world, and provides educational and career information for Australia and the UK.


I’ve Got Your Back ( is a blog by psychologist Anita Sanz. It contains a wide variety of topics related to mental health and wellbeing. Although not a transpersonal therapist in title, Ms. Sanz focuses on using spiritual practices to help people recover from trauma, think positive, and reengage in life. She blogs both on Quora and on her own website:


Existential Therapy Blog ( is written by Matthew Bishop, a therapist and philosopher working in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Bishop is a trained existential therapist and philosophy counsellor. His blog contains in-depth explorations of a variety of topics, from childhood depression, to grief, to philosophical explorations of anxiety and assertiveness.

Anxiety Guru ( is run by LMFT Paul Dooley, a psychotherapist in California who struggled for years with his own anxiety disorder. His site is designed both for practitioners and laypeople who are looking for ways to cope with anxiety. The website includes blog articles, podcasts, and wellness resources that explore anxiety disorders and various methods for coping.


Your Brain Health ( is a blog written by Australian neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay. Her goal is to provide accurate, factual scientific information about the brain in a fun and accessible way. Topics such as “How to teach your kids about their brain,” “7 tips to cultivate your creative brain,” and The myth of multitasking,” provide readers with cutting edge research along with practical tips and helpful advice.


Art and Health ( is a creative arts therapies blog hosted by Psychology Today. Written by art therapist Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, this blog provides a wide range of articles on topics from advocacy, to intervention ideas, to interviews with other therapists.



And of course there’s IKON’s own blog! If you would like to read more about a topic of interest, please let us know here.


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