How do we work out if there really is enough room for us “the mum” to go off and do something for ourself? Study takes up time, time away from the family, when I could be doing a list a mile long of things around the house or for the children. Rebecca Paul not only tells us how, but reminds us that we must!

The challenge is to remind myself that “those things” will always be there whether I get to them today or tomorrow. The part of us as mothers that fades sometimes is the part that is ‘me’. It is so important that we put back into our own cup sometimes. When we are giving out so often, it is extremely important that we put back things that fill us up.

I have studied the Transpersonal Diploma in Counselling which I found life changing and set me on a path to set up my own private practice which I have now been running for 7yrs. I got a thirst for some more knowledge when my daughter was 18months old. Racked with conflicting guilt and excitement about the prospect of further study, I headed off to enquire about a Post Graduate in Counselling. I absolutely loved every second of my study, I may have been the most annoying mature age student of all times but a thirst for knowledge and impacting change can’t be ignored.

And from this everyone benefits, simply because I benefited so much, I fill my cup and the on flow effect is that when my cup is full, I feel great, I am a better mother, wife, friend, colleague and the list goes on. So yes…… we maybe taking time out away from the family, but it’s more like an investment in which the family reaps all the rewards too, without a doubt!!!

I often reflect on the lioness, whenever she kills something in the wild she feasts first and then the cubs have what is left over, she doesn’t eat first because she thinks she is most important but she knows that if she doesn’t sustain herself then she can’t sustain and protect her cubs.

I think this metaphor is beautiful and worth reflecting on for all mothers, if you put time and energy into YOURSELF then everyone benefits, why? Simply because you feel more alive!

So if you are asking yourself, can I study and be a mum? The answer is “you must”! For yourself and for your family. It also teaches our children that mum is a person and that looking after yourself and your needs is important. What a great lesson to teach our children!

Studying Transpersonal Counselling or a Diploma in Counselling is an enriching, life giving experience, you won’t be the same at the end – guaranteed.


Rebecca Paul is a principal Counsellor at Eshé Counselling. She has been counselling for over 10 years and is passionate about helping individuals achieve the best LIFE possible. Rebecca provides transpersonal and traditional counselling for men and women navigating through a variety of issues. To book an appointment phone 0433792705.