Are you considering a qualification in counselling, but don’t know where to start?
Do you need flexible options that fit into your work/life balance?

With so many different options of qualifications and providers, the decision can quickly become overwhelming without some basic information and guidance.

The IKON Institute of Australia is a leading provider of counselling and human services training. In order to best meet the various needs of our students, IKON offers three different counselling qualifications:

  • Diploma of Counselling (DC)
  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (TPC)
  • Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy (BIP)

Which program is right for me?

When deciding between counselling programs, it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much time each week can I dedicate to coursework and study?
  • Do I prefer more on campus time or do I prefer more self-directed learning and online options?
  • How long can I commit to being in a program?
  • What level of expertise do I want to gain?
  • Which is more important to me- completing my degree quickly or depth of knowledge?

The following chart highlights these key areas for each qualification

IKON INSTITUTE Diploma of Counselling (DC) Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (TPC) Bachelor’s of Integrative Psychology (BIP)
Duration 1.5 years full time 12 or 24 months 3 years full time
Location On campus 1 day/week, self-study On Campus, self-study, and online On Campus, self-study
Time 1090 nominal hours. Allow 4-6 hrs/week for self-directed learning. 1500 nominal hrs. Study time dependent on format. 3 trimesters/yr with 3 classes each. Allow 13 hrs/week for self-directed learning.
Work/field Placement 50 hrs 100 hrs 480 hrs
Great For: Students who want a strong foundation with low on campus time Students who want additional training in spiritual realms and higher levels of consciousness Students who want to obtain the highest qualification and most comprehensive program
Opportunities Credits transfer if continuing to TPC Credits transfer if continuing to BIP Provides a Bachelor’s degree, which may be required for some positions


Still having a hard time deciding?

All of the programs offered through IKON offer the same standard of excellence in teaching and provide a solid foundation for career entry. Additionally, each of our counselling qualifications build upon one another, providing students who want to continue their studies with a clear path for advancement. For example, many students complete the Diploma of Counselling and then decide to pursue our Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling or Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy. We have designed these programs so that credits transfer to the next level of training.

Whichever program you select, all three qualifications allow graduates to practice counselling across all age groups in both the private and public sectors, including private practice, schools, community service organisations, and elder care. All of our programs provide the practical skills and knowledge needed to help others overcome challenges and live an empowered and meaningful life. IKON’s instructors are highly experienced and continue to practice in the industry, ensuring that students receive the most current and relevant training available.


Why choose IKON?

The IKON Institute of Australia is a leading educational provider because of our dedication to high quality instruction, our sense of community, and our emphasis on skill development. It is our goal to train strong, resilient, and reflective providers who care for themselves, their clients, and their communities. Choosing IKON means becoming part of a community of learners where knowledge, cooperation, and self-exploration facilitate change.

In the classroom, IKON provides opportunities to work with others, demonstrate practical skills, develop confidence, and create meaningful relationships. Our online and self directed components focus on theoretical knowledge and frameworks that provide the foundation for practice, and allows classroom time to be maximised.


To learn more about each option and about our approach to education, visit or contact us at or 08 8350 9753.

View our Counselling infographic here.