Graduate Certificate of Grof Depth Psychotherapy


Course Code:  10193NAT
Qualification:  Graduate Certificate of Grof Depth Psychotherapy
Duration:  12 months,  364 Supervised Hours, 668 Total Learning Hours
Accreditation: Nationally Accredited.

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Course Overview

Grof Depth Psychotherapy and its application of Holotropic Breathwork, the practical therapeutic technology, both developed by Stanislav Grof, will meet a growing community interest in new and innovative ways to explore the mind-body relationship.

The Graduate Certificate in Grof Depth Psychotherapy is a specialised Vocational qualification, that addresses the need for a well regulated and vetted approach to training in less mainstream psychotherapies. This rigorous course is nationally recognised, meeting AQF and national training standards to an emerging industry in alternative therapies.

This qualification leads to a vocational education and training (VET) qualification and will provide students with an evidence based and critical understanding of Grof’s therapeutic technology as well as the acquisition of skills and attributes required to practice proficiently in this area.

Delivery Format

To achieve this qualification, the learner must successfully complete 8 core topics plus professional practice.
These will be delivered over 1 year, through 4-day weekend workshops plus 3hour, evening tutorials.

Students are also expected to complete at least 7 hours per week of self directed learning.


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Graduate Opportunities

The Graduate Certificate in Grof Depth Psychotherapy has two specific aims:

1. to provide practitioners with the therapeutic framework and core skills required to provide depth psychotherapy; and

2. to teach the application of Stanislav Grof’s specific technique and methodology.

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Grof Depth Psychotherapy will acquire and apply specialised, technical knowledge in breath and body based therapeutic interventions. The Graduate Certificate will provide students with core generic skills and specific technical training to practice therapeutically and to gain additional expertise and a higher qualification in their chosen career. The qualification also provides the opportunity to continue on to higher level Masters study in applied psychotherapy.

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