Training as a counsellor can be a great way of assisting a wide range of people, equipping them with the tools they need to improve their outlook on life, facilitating spiritual growth and enhancing their health.

One of the biggest challenges a counsellor can face is only having one or two ways of working at their disposal, hampering the service they can provide for their clients. We recognise the difficulty this can cause, which is why, here at the IKON Institute, we offer a unique programme of holistic counselling courses.

If you want to learn fresh counselling skills in an empowering and supportive environment, take a look at four reasons you should consider us for your training provision.


1. We offer Transpersonal (Holistic) counselling courses

Rather than being tightly defined, our courses are designed to embrace a broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches. This enables practitioners to have a wide range of therapeutic tools available to them to assist clients at the same time as gaining a deeper awareness of the ways in which the psyche can be healed and developed.

From art therapy through to psychotherapy, our courses are run in a way that allows in-depth, experiential understanding and application of counselling principles.


2. Supportive community

Our courses are run in a workshop style which encourages students to develop and explore their therapeutic knowledge, practising and interacting with others in the group in a positive, supportive way. At IKON, you will be known by name (and not by your student ID). Our students come from all walks of like but have in common a desire to grow and learn to help others.

In contrast to other courses, which tend to encourage learning in isolation, we actively encourage participants to work together towards mutual goals, enabling every learner to attain the skills and knowledge they need to enhance their own well-being as well as that of others. There a plenty of opportunities to practice your skills in a supporting environment, ensuring you are confident and career-ready upon graduating.


3. Nationally Accredited Counselling Qualifications

As well as a novel, satisfying approach to learning, our VET Counselling and Art Therapy qualifications are nationally accredited and recognised by the Australian Counselling Association. This means that when you learn with us, you are obtaining a reputable qualification that is widely recognised across the country.

Whether you are considering a VET Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Post Graduate level Counselling qualification or a Higher Education Bachelor Degree, our highly experienced lecturers (who are also practicing therapists) and course content ensure you will take away what you need to be a confident and successful practitioner.


4. Self-development is a priority

Many of our students tell us that they find our courses transform their own mental health and provide a safe, empowering space in which to explore and develop as a person. If you want to acquire learning that has a powerful, positive impact on you and others, the IKON Institute experience is for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Counselling qualifications offered at IKON, please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively visit our website at