A common barrier to study (and genuine fear once they enroll) with many of our students is based around the fact they haven’t studied for many years. But what strategies exist to help us overcome this obstacle?

With our Queensland students celebrating their efforts at their graduation this month, it is a wonderful time for fellow students and staff to recognise the many sacrifices, challenges and accomplishments they have made along the way.

Whilst the students’ academic achievements are remembered, their emotional, personal and individual achievements must also be celebrated!

One of these is often overcoming the fear of studying.

A common barrier to study (and genuine fear once they enroll) with many of our students is based around the fact they haven’t studied for many years. They are motivated, have taken the first step towards a big dream of theirs, are eager to start but…and that’s when the doubt starts to creep in.
“Am I good enough” “Am I too old for this” “What if I fail?”

As written by Karen Sargent for Tiny Buddha, “if you are doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone, chances are you have heard a version of these questions in your head.

These questions are nothing but our mind’s strategy to keep us stuck where we are, to stop us from taking risks, to help us avoid danger.

The problem is that when we’re busy dwelling on these questions, we’re wasting our mind’s energy. We’re not engaging it to think creatively, or to spot opportunities or to help us overcome the challenges we face along the way.”

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs,
and that is the risk of doing nothing.” ~Dennis Waitley

Ok, so we know our mind isn’t helping us, we know that we are excited about our future but what strategies exist to help us overcome this obstacle?

You can read what Karen suggests here.

At IKON, our philosophy is to support you as you move through your learning journey. The majority of our students haven’t studied for years (and many since high school) and find that they get into the study groove as the 2nd module get’s underway.

In addition to the support you will receive from your trainers, your classroom peers will become a vital support network for you. (as you will for them.)

To help you with the formal side of learning, IKON also offers a study skills workshop covering topics such as essay writing, referencing and other great studying techniques.

We truly believe that everyone has it within themselves to achieve what they desire. Our philosophy is to support you along the way in finding those dreams.

Here is what Glenda, a current student, feels about her decision to study!

“I commenced this year at IKON studying the Transpersonal Art Therapy Advanced Diploma, not having studied for 28 years! How incredible it’s been for me so far! Yes, IT IS quite intensive, but I expected this with Transpersonal studies! I’m so enthused, I can’t wait for my IKON days, as well as my personal research, assignments and art; what a journey! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for to complete my own passion for painting; understanding its power, healing processes and amazing modalities. In my studies so far, I’m acknowledging many unanswered questions throughout my life. What I believe and have learnt so far… has helped answer some of them; coming to fruition! The expertise & knowledge of IKON’s lecturers & tutors, are both professional and experienced in their training standards and methods. Our class definitely has had fantastic support and resource information available to us, furthering our development for our training and study modes. I already facilitate Community & Wellbeing art workshops, focusing on the process and self expression of art more so than the art itself. The Transpersonal aspect is an important inclusion into this and I look forward to my art therapy intervention when I am qualified. I’m so looking forward to the remainder of my course; the training, modules, the ‘art experientials’ which I adore, and including particularly… the friendships I’m making with such beautiful co students and staff. Thank you IKON for my Journey of a Lifetime!