Have you ever wondered if there is something bigger than yourself, if you have reached your highest potential, or if there is a way to feel peace even amidst suffering? If so, then you have asked questions that touch the realm of the transpersonal.

What is “Transpersonal”?

Transpersonal literally means beyond the personal or self. Transpersonal counsellors believe that human psychology encompasses a broad range of experiences- from behavioral and cognitive, to the spiritual and mystical. While traditional counselling focuses on addressing issues within the individual, the goal of transpersonal therapy is to transcend, or go beyond, the self.

How Can Transpersonal Counselling Help?

  • A transpersonal counsellor can help you manage pain, anxiety, and suffering

Unlike other therapy approaches, which aim to reduce anxiety or suffering by controlling or changing it, transpersonal therapy teaches us that we have emotions and we feel pain, but these experiences do not encompass who we are and do not change our deepest self. We have thoughts, but we are not our thoughts.

2) A transpersonal counsellor can help you gain a broader perspective

Transpersonal therapy encourages the individual to shift awareness from inside the self to a more expansive, universal perspective. In transpersonal therapy, you may find yourself exploring the mythological imagery of a dream or spiritual experience. By learning about and connecting with ancient mythology and spirituality, you may be able to view narratives from your own life from a deeper and broader perspective.

3) A transpersonal counsellor can help you explore other states of consciousness

Human beings have explored various states of consciousness since the dawn of time. By learning to access our full spectrum of consciousness, we can gain clarity, improve concentration, and have insight into patterns and behaviors. Transpersonal counsellors may use a variety of techniques including meditation, dream work, and ritual to alleviate problems and foster growth.

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