The transpersonal practitioner works with all of the common human problems that professional counsellors and therapists encounter. However they also focus on self -awareness, creativity and authenticity.

The transpersonal, holistic approach is concerned about the well being of the whole person, rather than on curing or alleviating symptoms. It is a soul centered approach that explores altered states of consciousness, dreams, creativity, shamanic states, mindfulness,symbol, ritual and myth to realize one’s potential and from this place facilitate clients to heal their lives and transform.The study of transpersonal therapies involves recognition, understanding, and realisation of unitive, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness – in other words, paying attention to that which goes beyond normal and everyday experience.

It is a path to self-awareness and self-realisation, which unites ancient and modern wisdom and offers a range of tools and techniques to explore the many aspects of our existence.