Transpersonal work is of critical importance to the modern age. At the heart of transpersonal work, as it is envisaged at IKON, are expansion, integration, power and meaning.

The core focus of transpersonal work is about bridging the social and personal spheres to create a higher degree of functioning, meaning, connection and happiness. Transpersonal counselling also seeks to marry tried and tested psychological theory with a grounded and functional approach to human-centered counselling.Through transpersonal practice, IKON seeks to create opportunities for individuals to;

  • find meaning, purpose and direction in their lives
  • reach their full potential
  • expand their awareness and vision
  • direct their abilities and resources for the benefit of themselves and others


What is a transpersonal counsellor?
As seen on natural therapy pages, a transpersonal counsellor takes a holistic approach, viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development.


To a transpersonal counsellor, whatever is happening to us now is viewed as a positive opportunity for growth.

“A transpersonal counsellor attempts to facilitate this growth process through a variety of means, depending on their training and the immediate needs of a client.

In essence transpersonal counselling is a genuinely holistic practice concerned with the body, the mind and the spirit.