A Rewarding Career
A career as a Counsellor is a very rewarding profession. A Counsellor will assist others to overcome their challenges and to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful and authentic life.

By studying a Counselling qualification, you will also gain a solid foundation of knowledge that will positively affect many areas of your own life including your personal life, your relationships and your current work. For both yourself and those you help, these skills and knowledge often lead to Health improvements (Psychological, Emotional, Physical), as well as improvements in Happiness, Resilience, Emotional Regulation and Intelligence, Critical Thinking and more.

Holistic Counselling
Holistic Counselling or Transpersonal Counselling, focuses on an individual as a whole, putting into account the psychological and physiological disorders in their entirety and the interconnection of the body, mind and soul. Its major purpose is to empower the client to discover and reach into their own inner wisdom and strength, accessing the resources inside of them to move forward in a healing and holistic sense.


Valued Skills and Attributes of a Counsellor
Many people who undertake a Counselling qualification have a genuine interest in people and a natural desire to help others. In addition, a combination of learned skills, knowledge, qualities, important attributes and abilities makes for an effective, successful mental health practiioner.
Industry Requirements
Many training organisations in Australia offer Nationally Recognised qualifications, with many also being recognised by accrediting professional associations such as the Australian Counselling Association. The most common level of educational attainment for Counsellors is a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma, which is primarily what is needed to become a Counsellor. Post Graduate studies may also be considered for those looking to further boost their skills, qualifications or career opportunities.


Employment Opportunities
Counsellors are mainly employed in: Health Care and Social Assistance; Education and Training; and Public Administration and Safety.

This provides the opportunity to work in hospitals, schools and care centers, non government organisations and / or private practice. There is great flexibility in the field of Counselling, with many Counsellors choosing to work in private practice, giving them the ability to achieving a work / life balance coupled with good earning potential

There is a strong Job Outlook for Counsellors with Employment having risen strongly in the past five years with an expectation grow very strongly to November 2020.


The IKON Institute of Australia offers four Counselling qualifications; The Diploma of Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy and the Graduate Certificate of Grof Depth Psychotherapy.

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